Masters of mystery

by rebsnugs

To compose
I detach myself
And wonder how to show you
How to feel
The weight of your world
Or to know the weight
But feel light nonetheless

Your impulsive confusion
I stepped away from the cloud
And asked you to balance
Why in your brain
Do you calculate currency like water
And drink it not for thirst
But to drown yourself

The hurried happiness in those eyes
Fleeting and vacant
Maniacal and hurried
I reside within myself
This skin puppet of bone and blood
And time carries it on
Dancing dancing dancing
Breathing breathing breathing
Walking walking walking
Singing singing singing

I caught him mid step
Fell into footfall and skipped along
He reaches out his hand
And I know he wants me near
We have a long way to travel
This I do not doubt
I know the risks
Keep up or be left behind

And you
King of wasps
Queen of serpents
Goddess of rhythm
Lord of rhyme
We masters of mystery
Clarity for the blind
Two intentions eclipse