Don’t Worry

by rebsnugs

The pinkest clouds of mourning out my window
I could not sleep the tension out of my jaws
And climbed into congested fog, craving slumber and quiet dreams
I tidied the stacks of sentiment and sustenance
And shuffled across wooden floors shivering
Limbs of ice ready to shatter
I stumbled into a deep, dank, dark, and dusty cupboard
The blackest of holes that swallow spirits and stars alike
Into the abyss, where only pure light and sound reside
Our bodies explode and spin into steel wires trembling and taut
Singing pitches beyond recognition to a song no soul should ever hear
In this cupboard I cowered, savoring a dozen chocolate chips
When none remained I was alone with my guilty sweet tooth
A rotten rooster smile perched atop a crumbling chimney
The wood chopper dead, fuel is scarce
I burn dollar bills one at a time and watch the faces light, crumble and fly away
Cold and mourning, wailing excuses and obstacles
My pain is no pain, is your pain my pain?
My struggle is first, world class, warfare of the immune system
I rest not and fear the worst. I fear I have already lost
Myself, my mind, my motive, my mother, my muse
Run down by a speeding car, midday, in a flurry of feathers
And I cried out loud to her and all I have slain
Forgive me and my whims and worries. There is justice.
We grieve tomorrow the wrongs we can not know today
I study history and rewrite the code, relearn language
Scrambled hieroglyphs and symbols encrypted
Entombed, captivated and captured
A phantom lover hunts me down to ask me
Why do you carry on with toxic tears
When there is only tomorrow to change?