In flux (madness)

by rebsnugs

Each night another layer revealed

Sucking through a technicolor candy cane
The sour shocks my sweet receptors
The spice stimulates the savory
Complex blends of vitality
My ego in a tailspin, I laugh in free fall
Tracking… Tracking… Marking time
I pause rewind and taste you again
Each flavor a memory
Brought to life at night
Brought to sight out of spite
The thread of time is thin and twisted
And fluids on my fingers of fruits 
Yellow as my smile
Drip into sewers, collect in tanks
Shocked with light and released into the flow
A man on the street failed to cook beets
To his pleasing after eating them out
I suggested to add more love to his cooking
And see if the flavor improves
But love is not the missing flavor for you
For you I add clove and cardamom
Snakeskin and nicotine
Foil and a hitchhiker
Ten murcury balloons and one hundred slivers of cedar
To steep and sleep in clouds blue and green
We are steady in stare and stance
But always in flux