Lamenting to Lament

by rebsnugs

My bruised ego shakes in your presence
I can hardly look you in the eye
I wish peace could caress my being
And tell me that yes, everything will be alright

Through the static grooves a historical fiction is resurrected
I know not in what era I find myself
The story is the same in every century
We are hungry, we are lonely, we are discontented
We, the Unwanted, Neglected, Weary and Misled

So abused and tarnished, lamenting to lament
A party of the pitiful
The edge of the hole draws me close
I set the shovel aside and drop to my haunches
The worms digest my sorrow and I harvest them
To snare tomorrow’s dinner

And with luck I will find myself stream side
In the presence of peace and cricket calls
Patiently testing the waters
For fruitful inspiration