by rebsnugs

O muse, sweet mystery of the winds
With lightened breath and lifted eyes
My buoyant heart rejoices with love and gratitude.

To know your song, your words and tune
Too great a gift for this world under my feet
Cast aside are my bonds and shackles
I run free and dance in the breaking dawn.

O muse, the stars align and clarity abounds
For a moment in your presence I know peace and delight
I nest in your powdery down
Iridescence shining to the moon and beyond
I am at once safe and steady
Yet set into motion with urgent lightning bolts
Cracking sharp over my head.

I know not yet where I am going
Forward, the dark is still the great unknown
With each pulse of the storm my world is illuminated
A flash of potential, I am compelled to run.

I rush with your melody ringing in my ears
Chasing intangibles, possibilities
I am lost, but refreshed from the rain
Let the clouds clear and reveal to me the light
Of the new moon as it grows to fill the sky.

O muse, in your light and song I bask and dream
Take me far, for you I dance and sing.