by rebsnugs

I did a few more sketches last night.

This first one was with oil pastels on a mirror. The colors are very faint and it is difficult to make out anything in particular. I have never tried this combination before, so maybe something different will happen soon. (The oil pastel wipes off the mirror easily.) Perhaps acrylic on mirror would work better.

This sketch came from a desire to visualize emotions I have about a certain friend of mine. As this blog is more visual than literary, I will spare you the back story. You can make up one yourself. In case it is difficult to see what is this image, I will try to describe it.

There is a person standing in the center of the mirror. In front of the person are many circles, compressed together. The person is emitting light or energy towards the hundreds of circles.

Ask me again in five years to further explain.

It was important to me to use the mirror as a back ground, because between the cloudy pastel lines, you can see your reflection. The viewer is part of the picture. This made it very difficult to take a photograph of the painting.

1' x 1' , oil pastel on mirror.

I tried again to visually explore my angst. While I was drawing my friend, I realized I was instead drawing myself. We have certain qualities that make us one in the same person. This portrait unintentionally turned into a self-portrait. I think I will keep working on this one, perhaps install it into a shadow box and add a three-dimensional element to it.

Sumi Ink on paper, 10'' x 14''.