Drums of the Universe

by rebsnugs

I am working on a painting that my friend Daniel requested. I can’t quite call it a commission, but I might put the value of the finished painting toward buying one of his drum sets.

To begin the process, I made a digital mockup of my composition, probably because I was sitting at a computer at the time. Here it is:

Digital mockup for a painting that embodies Daniel


After understanding what colors I wanted to use, I tried sketching again using oil pastels. This one turned out better.


Small oil pastel drawing on cardboard


Without knowing the context or story behind this image, it looks very demonic, like some sort of monster is attacking something. I also like the floating orbs, as though the spidery black thing at the center is attracting them by some gravitational force. The spidery black thing is Daniel’s hair, by the way. The blue and green lines are the points where the drum sticks are striking the drums, visual energy.

I will use a similar layout and color scheme to make the final painting. It will be acrylic on canvas. More pictures to come.