Boxes in Boxes

by rebsnugs

A Christmas gift inspired the creation of this painting / drawing. I got some oil pastels from Christopher and with the purchase came a free 12 in x 12 in canvas. It had to be for my first oil pastel drawing.

I recently had a conversation with my friend Kat; she asked me how I decide when to be finished painting a painting. I told her usually a painting is done when it has enough paint on it, when there is nothing lacking in the image or when there is nothing else I want to convey. She mentioned something about asking herself whether or not one of her paintings needed to have a big red square in the corner, something that I had never given a second thought to, and perhaps one of her paintings does need a big red square in the corner. This one did, too.

Instead of estimating the proportions of the squares in this image, I would have rather used the golden ratio, but at the time of laying this out I had forgotten that I knew what that was. Thankfully I recently watched the movie Pi and am happily reminded of the chaos of the universe.



1' x 1', oil pastel on canvas.