Landscape Study No. 2 (Work In Progress)

by rebsnugs

This painting is for my husband, Christopher Vernon Stegeman.

He requested that I paint this photograph that I took from the skies above Arizona.

It is not quite finished yet, but closer than it has ever been! The following photographs are in-process images from the past few weeks. It is painted on one of my newly stretched canvasses!

Now that I am looking at it, I don’t really like the orange-tan color on the lower third of the painting. It had more feeling (cold) when it was stark white. Help! Any thoughts?

Acrylic on canvas, 20''x30'', from an original photograph. For my life and love, Christopher Vernon Stegeman

After the second layer of color was added...

First draft of the image. Only one layer of paint on the canvas.

And for old times’ sake… here is a drawing I made for Christopher in 2007 on our 2nd “anniversary” while I was living in France and he was in Minneapolis. It never hurts to dream.

This kitchen nor scene did not exist at the time of the drawing, in 2006. The frame is made of a wrapper from a baguette. Mylar film protects the image. Très DIY.